T4S for adherence to COVID-19 distancing guidelines

In the post-COVID world of sports there is an opportunity in the market for enabling digital technology in this environments, as large event venues attempt to reopen under social distancing and reduced capacities, bolster their preparedness, primarily for safety reasons, but also to maintain revenue as patrons are becoming increasingly aware of the need for secure events, and must trust a venue’s security before deciding to attend.

Enhanced monitoring and adherence to the social distancing rules as applied in football stadia, arenas, and venues in general.

Total protection approach as T4S provides a complete solution against different types of threats and challenges faced by football stadia and other large-scale infrastructure that are classified under urban soft targets.



T4S Zero Queue approach

We provide guidance to spectators as to when to arrive on the venue to avoid queuing up, achieving therefore two key benefits. First, no wasted time as guests will know exactly when they need to be there. Second and most important, minimized risk of exposure to the coronavirus because of queuing up with several other people for a long period of time.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to deploy and use, with trusted Bluetooth technology
  • Device sensors actively warns users of any unsafe contact proximity
  • Powerful contact tracing reports and dashboards
  • Supports your stadium’s continuity plans with more secure social distancing procedures
  • Fully integrated, and GDPR compliant, assuring employee privacy

T4S ensures sports venues reopen, with public health on top of the agenda and business sustainability as key deliverable.

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