In case of an emergency in a stadium, arena or other large facility, large crowds need to evacuate in a short time period, often under adverse conditions such as fire, smoke, or absence of light. Current safety procedures are plagued by paper-based, outdated evacuation plans, insufficiently trained personnel and lack of sufficient situational awareness. Static evacuation plans are of low value in actual stressful conditions, where human behaviour is unpredictable.


T4S is a Safety and Security Management System that improves Preparedness, supports Situation Awareness and Decision Making in cases of critical emergencies that require partial or complete evacuation


T4S supports the complete lifecycle of evacuation planning, simulating complex scenarios, training of safety personnel and assessment of the performed actions.


In T4S, the visual representation of the situation in real time is offered by an advanced User Interface that uses a 3D Model of the facility, which the operator can control to better understand the situation. The T4S mobile application offers a two-way communication mechanism, which is used during an emergency situation by the safety personnel (to report existing or evolving threats to safety) and the security officer (to dispatch a steward to attend a threat). All the information available from the CCTV cameras, the sensors, the legacy systems and the stewards, as well as critical information from the spectators is optimally displayed.

An intelligent engine raises alarms based on rules that combine data stemming from the aforementioned sources, while crowd simulations are realized in real time taking into account the number and location of spectators as well as other parameters (like blocked doors and blocked routes because of fire, congestion or collapsed structures) to calculate a Location based Dynamic Evacuation Route (LDER) that changes as the aforementioned parameters are altered or new threats are identified.

The optimal route to safety is communicated to evacuees via the proper activation of state-of-the-art active signs (using dynamic exit signs, media screens, PA system) that depict the calculated optimal routes within the stadium. Through the T4S mobile application, the spectators have the opportunity to get accurate, dynamic, location-specific personalized directions to follow the fastest available route.

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Discover how to achieve quick decision-making and real-time situational awareness to effectively manage crises involving crowds. 

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