Cities all over the world are getting smarter, safer, greener and more efficient and that has everything to do with hyper-connectivity made possible by the ever-burgeoning Internet of Things. IoT devices are being deployed throughout cities to measure and monitor everything from air quality to traffic and crime patterns. Thus, urban areas operate more smoothly and efficiently, which enhances the quality of life for residents and saves money in the process.


At Thridium, we use our resources and opportunities to create a valuable contribution to a sustainable future that is worth living.


Thridium collaborates with the municipalities and utilities to adapt and transform the existing infrastructure into something sustainable and flexible so as to improve citizens’ lives. We integrate technologies such as smart metering, wireless sensor networks, open platforms, high-speed broadband and cloud computing with diverse silos applications and services related to transportation, waste management, energy, and more.

We aim to make life easier for the government and inhabitants in areas such as energy, urban planning and building, mobility, security, etc.


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