In this technology driven era, humans and machines are consuming chunks of data on a daily basis. However, humans are consuming data through different client applications, often from many different devices. In order for these client applications to get response from the server application a specific API needs to be in place. API development allow companies to break down capabilities into individual, autonomous services i.e microservices. Building applications based on microservices can help in ensuring a good user experience on all devices and reduces time and effort from the development process.


Thridium follows an API-first approach to develop APIs that are consistent and reusable accompanied by an API description language, that establishes a contract on how an API is supposed to behave.


Your products will be far more extensible, easier for customers to integrate into, and will have the ability to foster a greater community around potential use cases. You will be able to fuel an entire generation of applications, all on the back of your well-built API.


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