C2 Systems

When faced with a large crisis, civil protection agencies and first response organisations depend on their mobile radios for critical communication, to collaborate and deal with the event as it unfolds. These organisations have specific protocols for a response during crises, including an IT and Communications System-known as a C2 system.


Thridium provides the tools you need to automate your mission operations through situational awareness and put information where your forces need it most. 


With the ability to exchange tactical command layers, complex manoeuvres can be quickly illustrated on the map and shared with subordinates via tactical data communication, thus saving valuable voice time and speeding up operation execution. Our software can be adaptable to your specific operational requirements with a minimum of specialized skills and technology. We will enable you to have the right tools to plan and execute military operations – as well as manage battlespace parameters such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) inputs and logistics. Through our C2 system, commanders will have the information that gives them the best possible picture of what is happening at any given time, in order to make effective decisions.


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